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( Sep. 20th, 2005 06:01 pm)
I love Bradley Cooper even more than I did when he was on 'Alias.' Kitchen Confidential is hilarious. The whole scene with Greg the fish was brilliant. :)

The movie Partners with Jay Harrington and Michael Ian Black is darling. Jay is a lawyer who pretends to be gay to land a promotion, and MIB is his best friend who really is gay, and pretends to be his boyfriend. Much giggling, and it's just cute. Keep an eye on Lifetime, as they'll probably be repeating it.

And the meme cause everyone else did it, and I'm nothing if not a lemming. :P

LJ Interests meme results

  1. aragorn/legolas:
    I was actually a Viggorli fan before Aragorn/Legolas, but it just seems to go with the territory. :)
  2. ewan/hayden:
    Seriously, it makes watching Star Wars 100% more fun. And I *like* Star Wars. Plus, they're gorgeous, and they can be gorgeous together, which is even better. :)
  3. hayden christensen:
    I actually first became a Hayden fan when I watched Higher Ground, so I was one of the people going, "OMG! Hayden's going to be Anakin Skywalker," not, "Hayden who?" And let's face it, he's just pretty.
  4. jerome pradon:
    Where do I start? Jerome played Judas Iscariot in the 2000 production of "Jesus Christ Superstar", which I love beyond belief. He may not have the *best* voice, but he's so intense that you don't really notice.
  5. legolas:
    He's a pretty blond elf. What's not to like? *veg*
  6. mash:
    MASH is one of my favorite shows. I could watch every episode a million times and never get tired of it. The writing is brilliant (particularly in the later episodes), and even though it's a comedy, you never forget that there's a more serious message below the surface.
  7. my beautiful laundrette:
    Amazing movie. Daniel Day Lewis and Gordon Warnecke are wonderful. The films not so much about them being gay as it is about two guys who just happen to be gay. And when DDL says, "I can't leave him. Not now," I melt. And the licking, cause, um...yeah. *sheepish grin*
  8. rps:
    All of my favorite fandoms are RPS. I don't really know why, but there's just something about RPS that draws me in, whereas FPS doesn't.
  9. sirius/remus:
    It's practically canon!
  10. the oc slash:
    More so in season 1. Any combination of Ryan/Seth/Luke/Zach is great, but Ryan/Seth is my OTP. Just as long as it doesn't involve Sandy because he and Kirsten are The Perfect Couple. :)

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( May. 26th, 2005 05:54 pm)
I'm not sure I've recovered from the Alias season finale last night or not yet. I mean...wow. Not expecting that at all. Although it was welcomed after the disappointment known as Lost.

I'm hopelessly confused by some stuff though (not necessarily from the finale).

Questions - may contain spoilers )

Alias finale squeeings (definite spoilers) )

Lost finale musings (spoilers) )

And simply because my love for Greg Grunberg knows no bounds:

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