dazzamre: (rent)
( Feb. 26th, 2009 11:32 am)
I have an awful headache and really just want to go home, but everyone else is out sick, so I sort of feel like someone should be here. It's pretty quiet, though. I haven't even answered the phone yet this morning. I'm giving it until noon and then calling it quits. ETA: Home and feeling much better after lunch and some Doctor Who. ;)

So, yes, that's just a side note, the actual reason for this post (Do I need one? Do I have one?) is the awesomeness of fandoms colliding. While wandering around youtube last night, I stumbled across this short film (behind the cut for your flist convenience):

Paradisco )

Anthony Rapp (Rent) is in it, and Jerome Pradon, who played Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar (2000). It's a short, gay French musical, by all accounts. I didn't watch it all, just skimmed it for the good parts because A) it's in French (Anthony has a few English lines) and B) the subtitles are in Spanish. Between the two, I understood just enough to sort of follow the plot. ;) But I don't care! *flails* Anthony and Jerome in a gay, French musical!

Bonus: The cast of the short film singing 'Seasons of Love' )

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